About Me

I work in embedded development and R&D for Aloxy in Antwerp, Belgium, where we develop reliable IIoT solutions tailored to the needs of the process industry.

I am coming to the end of my PhD in wireless communications from Maynooth University in Ireland, where I was a member of the SFI-funded CONNECT Centre for Future Communications. I received my MSc. from the University of Bristol in the UK.

My research focuses on enabling scalable and energy efficient LPWAN networks, in particular LoRaWAN, and have extensive experience with ns-3. My research interests include next generation Wi-Fi, low power IoT networks, energy harvesting approaches for LPWAN, and the simulation of wireless networks.

Recent News

  • January, 2021. I moved to Antwerp, Belgium.

  • January, 2021. I passed my thesis defence!

  • November, 2020. I started working remotely for Aloxy in Antwerp, Belgium.

  • October, 2020. I handed in my PhD thesis!

  • October, 2020. Our paper, “Exploring the Boundaries of Ambient RF Energy Harvesting with LoRaWAN”, was published in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

  • August, 2020. Our paper, “Lightweight Timeslot Scheduling Through Periodicity Detection for Increased Scalability of LoRaWAN”, was presented at IEEE WoWMoM ‘20.

  • March, 2020. Our paper, “Analysis and Enhancement of the LoRaWAN Adaptive Data Rate Scheme”, was published in the IEEE Internet of Things Journal.

  • January, 2020. I began a research stay at the Universitat Oberta de Catalunya, working closely with Dr. M. Shahwaiz Afaqui in the lab of Dr. Xavier Vilajosana.